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Outsourced CTO is a team and you have 24X7 365 Days support.

Nixon has over 30 years expertise in various industries including the role of Chief Innovation Officer. He brings over 20 years of experience in the Apparel Industry including experience with brands like Ralph Lauren and Nike.

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Why hire an Outsourced CTO?

Latest Technology

Integrating and innovating with technology to help you business succeed.

Technology is essential to the success of andy business. It enhances innovation, optimizes business functions, globalizes markets, and provides a competitive edge in rapidly advancing industries.


Hiring a full-time c-level executive is expensive.

A full-time CTO is often a costly option that is not feasible for small and medium sized businesses. Outsourced CTO services provide unmatchable industry expertise, and at a cost efficient price. This model offers the advantage of personalized consulting services while remaining economical.

Cross Industry Expertise

Diverse industry experience

You say it, we’ve done it and if we have we are confident that we have the skills and experience needed to master it.

What is an Outsourced CTO?

In today’s world, technology is the pivotal component of a business, and whether you are a small startup or an established business, it will be the key to your company's success. In order to manage the technology, engineers, and innovations of their brand, most companies hire a Chief Technology Officer, however, this method is dated and expensive. As the industry evolves, outsourcing the work of a CTO has begun trending in the workplace, and it will continue to grow in the future. Outsourcing all your technology needs allows you to pay a fraction of the price of hiring another full-time executive while still gaining the insight and innovation that a CTO brings to the table.

What we can do for you?

Our mission is to help your company grow and succeed, and we are confident we will be able to do it.

Fashion & Apparel

Embroidery printing to fashion design.

Our CTO has worked in the apparel industry for the last 20 years, from consulting for top clients like Ralph Lauren and Nike, to developing advanced cloud based software for his customers.


Nixon has traveled to some of the largest warehouse floors in the United States and worked with large and small distributors. His experience has enabled him to provide business insight on every aspect of the supply chain process. Nixon's holistic perspective of the distribution cycle allows him to build successful and cohesive plans for your business.

Retail Market

We are excited to share our retail industry expertise to help you provide a successful shopping experience for your customers. Our expertise includes a diverse range of brands, from boutiques to national brands. We've solved challenges, streamlined systems, and implemented innovative approaches for various retailers--and we look forward to doing the same for you.


From Virtual Reality to eCommerce platforms, we specialize in innovation through technology. We are always exploring new technology and bringing you the most advanced solutions and tools. Innovation is an integral part in tailoring each solution to fit your individual business needs. Nixon is continually exploring new technologies, enabling him to provide the most effective approach to any business challenge.

Real experience Real results

Innovation is a key that will unlock endless opportunities for you and your business. Sysoptions is built on innovation, and it continues to be the driving force of what we do. Our success in the rapidly advancing technology industry is the result of the commitment, creativity, and passion of our team. Our main areas of expertise are in IT projects, outsourced IT support, and Integration of Technology. We aim to build more than just a successful product, but also a long-lasting relationship with our clients.